Ostracods: A Fairytale nightdive

Around the full moon, something strange happens to the divesights on Bonaire. Suddenly, it’s buzzing through the diving world and everyone is talking about it: ‘ostracods’. Some have already seen it once, others know what it is, and still others have no idea what it is about, except that it is something you must have experienced. And that during a beautiful nightdive.
Two or three days after the full moon, 45 minutes after sunset, there is a special phenomenon for 20 minutes in sea.The ostracods come up to the reef in large numbers from the depths.
The species that the diving world on Bonaire buzzes about around the full moon is the Cypridinid Ostracod. The special thing about these mussel shrimp is that they have glands that can release two substances. The Ostracod can use its glands to inject these two substances out. When these mix with each other and with the oxygen present in the seawater, light is created. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence.
As a diver you dive in darkness and you suddenly see a flash of light. Tiny flashes of light appear all around. Against the silhouettes of the large bushes of soft coral, you see flashes of light shooting up in patterns and series. Like fairy dust, or flashing fireflies, or a rocket that keeps releasing little stars. This is a really bizarre phenomenon and hard to explain. Explore it yourself and find yourself in a true Fairytale!

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